After Mary decided to change her mind again, she went back through the process of placing her baby girl with an adoptive family through Christian Family Care.

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“I’ve changed my mind again, please help me and Sue the angel that she is said, okay, why don’t you come in? And the family that you had originally chosen, they have already received a child so I needed to go through the process again, which I see it was all God’s plan,” Mary said. “I didn’t see it at the time, but looking back, it was absolutely all God’s plan,” she added.

“So I went through the process again and picked another family and when she was six months old, I placed her for adoption,” Mary said.

Mary explains why one of her requirements was that she wanted an open adoption.

“I wanted to at least get pictures and letters and see her grow up so I wanted an open adoption and it was beautiful because I did and I actually got to see her around her year birthday and Joe and Mallory were the ones who adopted her and they are amazing humans and we did a party and I got to be in the balls with her and I still have those pictures,” she said. “I’m so grateful for that,” she added.

Mary talked about the support groups she attended through Christian Family Care. “Being able to be with other pregnant mamas who were in the same shoes that I was in and some weren’t sure what they were going to do,” she said. “Really the staff, the support, the love, when you would walk in the door from the moment you walked in the door to the moment you left you, I felt loved. I felt seen, I felt heard and wanted and supported, which was so powerful,” Mary said.

“If a woman is going through finding out she’s pregnant and not knowing what to do, Christian Family Care, give them a call. They’re the resource for you,” she said. “And ask God, ask God to reveal what He would want you to do,” Mary added.