How a pregnancy counselor can help you?

A pregnancy counselor is a loving, non-judgmental woman who wants to talk with you, help you understand adoption, and walk with you on your journey.

Are you looking for pregnancy support? Hand in Hand Pregnancy and Adoption offers free, confidential, nonjudgmental pregnancy counseling with our team of pregnancy counselors at a center near you. It is never too early or too late to make a plan for you and your baby. Whether you just found out you’re pregnant, have just had a baby, or you are anywhere in between – we want to help. Our pregnancy counselors are available to meet with you at one of our centers or a place convenient to you, like a local coffee shop. Pregnancy counseling exists to support you as well as to provide you with information about your options.  Our pregnancy counselors are available to speak with you today.

There are a few ways to contact us.

  1. You can use the form below and a pregnancy counselor will contact you as soon as possible.
  2. Call or text us at the number listed for your area and connect more immediately.

We have 3 locations in Arizona but our pregnancy counselors are statewide. We can meet you at any location in Arizona.

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How can a Pregnancy Counselor at Hand-in-Hand help you?

At Hand in Hand, our qualified pregnancy counselors are passionate about helping women and couples experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our compassionate pregnancy counselor will establish a relationship with you to determine how we can assist you.

Some ways that your pregnancy counselor can offer pregnancy support is to:

  • Get to know you as a person
  • Provide decision-making counseling to help you look at your options
  • Answer all your questions fully and honestly
  • Support you and never pressure you
  • Attend medical appointments with you if desired
  • Help you talk with your family about your options
  • Establish a comprehensive service plan with you to identify goals not only for making a decision regarding your pregnancy but also educational, career, and personal goals
  • Help you with life skills, a job search, and education
  • Create a parenting plan with you if you choose to parent
  • Walk you through the entire adoption process if you choose this option
  • Listen to you and encourage you
  • Talk through some of the challenges you are facing in your life
  • Create a hospital plan with you that you can share with your doctor to advocate for your hospital wishes
  • Work with you on how to establish and maintain healthy relationships and boundaries
  • Provide Post Placement Support and Grief Counseling if you choose to place for adoption

Our Pregnancy Counselors want to listen and support you

We know that everyone is telling you what to do. Our pregnancy counselors want to be here to listen and help you make a fully informed decision and support you regardless of what decision you make for yourself and your child. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is can have you feeling isolated and alone. Our team wants to be there for you so that you feel supported in whatever decision that you make. We have pregnancy counselors available today to talk with you! 


If you Choose to Keep Your Baby

Becoming a mother can be scary for everyone, especially for moms who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. For those who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are choosing to parent, we want to be a resource to you as you embark on one of the most important journeys in this life. You may feel like you are alone in this, and we want you to know that we are here for you. We will work with you to help prepare you for this journey, explore your support systems, and explore what parenting could look like for you.  

Services we offer for Pregnant and New Moms

For those who are wanting to parent and make a parenting plan, we can help with:   

  • Identifying barriers that may be keeping you from parenting  
  • Exploring your support systems you have in your life 
  • Connect you with community resources to help alleviate some of those barriers and help you to navigate community resources  
  • Providing emotional support as you navigate the parenting journey  
  • Practical training to help prepare you for parenting  
  • Creating goals together and creating a service plan for these goals  
  • Identify other goals that you would like to work on, including career, educational, and personal goals 
  • Creating a self-care plan for your parenting journey 
  • Connecting you with pregnancy centers and getting you established as a client with them so that you have additional support through their parenting classes where you can earn baby products while you learn about pregnancy, caring for your child, and parenting 
  • Providing additional support to you down the road if you are struggling with parenting through Triple P Parenting 

Parenting is a scary and exciting journey, and we don’t want you to feel alone. Our services are free so reach out today so we can talk with you about how a pregnancy counselor can take this journey with you.  

If you Choose Adoption

You may be wondering what the process of planning an adoption looks like and how you go about matching with an adoptive family. The adoption process all depends on you. We start right where you are at in your pregnancy, and we go at your pace, supporting you along the way. If you choose adoption, your pregnancy counselor will walk with you through all of the steps.

In Arizona, adoption is considered a plan up until at least 72 hours after the baby is born, so up until that point in time, you can change your mind.

Adoption is not easy, and we are here to support you throughout the process.  

How we Help with Your Adoption

Adoption is a loving and courageous choice when parenting isn’t an option. We will walk you through all of the paperwork and help you understand the birth father’s rights and responsibilities.

We are here to support you through the matching process, provide support during the hospital, and complete all of the legal work for you. Our pregnancy counselors also offer grief counseling and post-placement support. We will continue to provide support in other important areas in your life as well, like getting a job, finding housing, pursuing your educational goals, or tackling other life tasks and goals.

In other words, we are in this with you for the long haul. Your pregnancy counselor will stick with you for as long as you find it helpful. We are also still here down the road if you need support working through the grief and loss or assisting with growing your relationship with the adoptive family. 

When you make an adoption plan, the Arizona State Law allows agencies to provide living expenses within the limits of the law. This means that sometimes we can help with medical bills, housing, transportation, and basic living needs (food, clothing, hygiene). 


What Adoption Looks Like Today

You might be surprised at the way adoptions have changed over the years.

There are more options for you and your child. We want to help you no matter what stage of pregnancy you are experiencing.

You could be five weeks or 40 weeks; it is never too early or too late. Sometimes we even meet women who have already delivered their baby and decide to make an adoption plan from the hospital.

If this is your situation, don’t stress! We will still have time to do everything we need to do. Suppose you need more time to think about your decision or to choose an adoptive family. In that case, we have what we call Cradle Families available who will care for and love your baby until you make your decision. 

Your choices

Did you know that you can choose, meet, and communicate with the adoptive family? You decide how much time you spend with your baby in the hospital and what your hospital experience looks like.

You decide how much openness you want in the adoption – fully open (visits), semi-open (just photos and updates), or closed (no contact).

We specialize in open adoption. All of our adoptive families are ready for an open adoption, if that is what you desire. We want to support your wishes and help you navigate open adoption with the family you choose. We are here to provide support now and in the future.  

Our counselors and locations

Our pregnancy counselors are compassionate, non-judgmental professionals who will listen to you, support you, and help you look at your pregnancy options. Meet some of our pregnancy counselors here

Although we have offices in Phoenix, Prescott, and Tucson, we are available throughout Arizona. We may be available to meet with you on the same day you reach out to us, depending on where you are located. When you reach out, you can let us know where you are located, and we can figure out a convenient time and location to meet with you in person. We understand that these times have been scary with the pandemic, so if you have concerns about meeting in person, please let us know.

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