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Open Adoption

10 Facts About Open Adoption

For the past several generations, adoption was kept secret. Several factors have contributed to the increasing openness of adoption.  First, there is growing awareness…
Hand-in-Hand Pregnancy

Do you have questions about pregnancy, parenting, or adoption? If you are pregnant and considering your options, the first step is to meet with a pregnancy counselor to learn more. We know this may be a scary first step. Maybe you aren’t positive about adoption and just need some questions answered. It could be that you’re worried about the situation with the baby’s father. Or, possibly, you aren’t sure what your family would think of adoption. Perhaps you are wondering how an adoptive family can raise your baby with as much love as you would. That’s all okay. We will start right where you’re at and then move at your pace.

We know that experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. It can result in you feeling very isolated and unsure about what to do. We want you to feel supported, heard, and loved when working with your pregnancy counselor. Whatever your decision, you will have our love and support. It is an honor for expectant parents to let us walk alongside them in their pregnancy journey. Our team is here for you and want you to know we are available to talk. We are available in person, by phone, by email, or through text messaging. After we talk with you, we can help determine which services we provide fit your needs. We want to be able to talk with you about all things related to pregnancy, parenting, and adoption!

Do you have questions about pregnancy, parenting, and adoption? Ask one of our pregnancy counselor a question today!

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