Considering adoption and want to know more about potential adoptive parents?

Arizona state law requires all prospective adoptive parents to be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt. A thorough home study is required by state law. The study is used to determine whether a family has a stable environment to bring a child into their home.

Typically, home studies explore personal relationships, finances, and family background. All Christian Family Care prospective adoptive families go through additional adoption education courses to prepare them.

We also perform an in-depth marriage assessment before a family can enter our matchbook. The home study process requires an extensive review of documents. The adoption specialist, who works with the family, is the one who completes the home study.

Your pregnancy counselor is YOUR pregnancy counselor. We believe it is unethical for the adoptive family to have the same representation as you. If you choose adoption and pick a family, they will have their own adoption specialist that works with them. The pregnancy counselor will be with you every step of the way and help you to build your relationship with the family you choose if you decide to place for adoption. 

Hopeful Adoptive Parents

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