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We provide loving support and community resources to expectant parents facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy signs and symptoms can be unique to each expectant mother.  Here are some of the more common signs of pregnancy.

These signs and symptoms are not always indicative of pregnancy and can also occur before a menstrual period. (PMS)

  • Missed period

  • Spotting

  • Abnormal period

  • Swollen or tender breasts

  • Fatigue

  • Mood changes

  • Sensitivity to tastes and smells

  • Frequent urination

  • Changes in appetite—particularly food cravings or loss of appetite

  • Weight changes—could include weight loss in early stages of pregnancy

What Is The Next Step?

We encourage you to take a pregnancy test.  There are several crisis pregnancy centers in Arizona who offer free pregnancy tests.  If you would like information about how to access a place closest to you, please call or text us.  We would love to support you during this time!

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What's the next step?

Take a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. There are several crisis pregnancy centers around the valley where you can get a free pregnancy test. If you’d like the information to the one closest to you, call or text us. We’d love to support you through this uncertain time. 

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